Once upon a time, a little boy called Brian was very ill in hospital and was given a cast model of LMS Coronation by its driver Fred Bishop. Ted, his future brother-in-law, painted this watercolour of it for him.

Uncle Brian kept the loco all his life and it remains in the family. It's an icon that represents our interest in railways. That's where it all started really, before Colin was born; Brian and Ted shared a fascination with steam trains.

The model is S-scale. "S" is 1/64th scale or 3/16 inch to the foot. Only a very small number of these brass castings are believed to have been made; 1 and 2 were owned by Sir William Stannier and his assistant Robert Riddles. Brian's is stamped number 3.

About the same time, the News Chronicle gave Brian a Hornby 0-gauge electric train-set with a Royal Scot engine like this; sadly it was lost when the flat they lived in was hit by an incendiary bomb in the London blitz of 1941.
Then last Saturday after the war, Father Christmas brought another little boy his first train set. It looked a bit like these.

There are lots of this vintage to seen and bought from John Agnew in New Zealand

In 1948, Colin was elected a member of the Hornby Railway Company! Honest guv; look, here's the proof:

One day his Daddy took him to buy this! Supposed to be GWR Dunster Castle, the tender was fine but the Hornby clockwork engine bore no resemblance to the real thing. Colin didn't realise that for years to come. Meanwhile he just loved playing trains with Daddy and Uncle Brian (who took this photo of course).
Then one day, about the time Colin first went to Mercers' School, Daddy decided there was not room for clockwork 0-gauge on the floor; the alternative was electric Hornby Dublo on a table – hurrah!
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Gallery 1
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Gallery 3; fin de siècle
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