Where we used to live – the Crown flats estate off Redhill Street and the surrounding area in London

The shops around 1938 with a peek into Windsor courtyard. I don't know whether the Rover car was Grandad Jones's or not. Note the Fyffes banana boxes on the pavement

Above is a very rare photo taken in 1938 showing the canal basin before it was filled in to make the allotments.  This must have been taken from the top floor of Swinley looking across to Datchet on the left with Windsor and the clock on the right.

Taken outside 'shop D' in 1939 we think.  Col's mother Rene, then Jones, is on the right. On the left of the photo is her mother Flo'. She died prematurely in 1952, same week as King George VI, just before Peter, Vicky and Pamela emigrated to New Zealand. The lady in the middle was a friend.

This National Cash register, or 'till', was used by Rene when she served in the shop in the 1930s and by Col when he helped there in the 1950s. It is now with us in the hall at QH.

This 1952 picture shows Colin with Grandfather Jones’s clapped out Ford van in which he used to fetch fresh vegetables from Covent Garden; heaven knows how it drove itself home!  Windsor House is in the background.

The 1932 MG F-Type Magna that Grandad (Talwyn alias William) Jones bought from his son, Col's uncle Brian Jones and Col's dad Ted Robinson (who died in ’83).  Behind are Ascot House and the Shops.  Circa 1953

Sorry about all the vehicles but I guess they're why the pics were taken in the first place. This was Ted's company car! Anyway the picture above is dated about 1962 and shows the Jones greengrocers and sweetshop.

Above is a picture of Ted's mother, Mrs Florence Emily Robinson on the balcony of 75 Camberley House overlooking Redhill Street.

This is a photo of the top floor of Swinley shortly after rebuilding in about 1955.  The Jones family and along with new son-in-law Ted used to live in 69 before it was gutted by an incendiary bomb during WW2; they lost most things and we all had to live in the back of the shop!  Rene, Ted and Colin moved into the newly rebuilt No 68 in 1956.

Cousin Pamela in her pram with Colin and Grandad Jones, shortly before she emmigrated to NZ.

I have more pics and will post them here when I get round to it..

Meanwhile, more photos of the area are on another page.

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