London to Brighton bike ride 2002


Bin there, dun that; got the t-shirt. On Sunday 16 June, the South Midland Railway Company, alias Matthew, Jamie and Colin, successfully completed the London to Brighton bike ride. Officially 58 miles. AND we rode up to Ditchling Beacon, which only about 10% of the riders attempt. No injuries except cramp at the end, but Col did fall off three times. The first was before we even left Clapham Common, when he was trying to show off how to mount leg over the handlebars. Then once simply because the density of bikes was such that on very narrow roads or on a slight slope, riders would stop to dismount without seeing the bike behind; someone did that in front of Col. The other was climbing Ditchling when a walker strayed into his path; with your feet pulling in 'rat-traps', there's nothing to stop you hitting the deck. We saw worse. Mary came with TLC to bring us all home. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable day out. Very many thanks to our many and generous sponsors. Donations will always be much appreciated by the British Heart Foundation .

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