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This is the website of a Robinson family of Oxfordshire, England

This Robinson family is currently centred on North Oxfordshire and is formerly and briefly of East Molesey Surrey. We are working on the genealogy for our near related families: Robinson of St Pancras and east London, Procter of Kirkburton Yorkshire, Calvert of Settle Yorkshire and Jones of London, Swansea and Cwmllwydd (near Mallwyd, near Dinas Mawddwy) Wales. Other ancestral families include Furniss of Slaithwaite Yokshire, Chase and Farr of London, Durance of Oundle, Traylen and Page. We are latterly related by marriage to Boland of Ireland and Dundee, and to Walker of Windsor and Warwickshire. Click the overview to see a larger version:

Our family trees may be seen on Ancestry and Genes Reunited
If you have an interest in any of our family branches, an enquiry or information you wish to share, please use those sites or email Colin.
Extensive research on the Jones and Traylen families and their branches has been done by Brian Jones and Amanda Handscombe.

Regrettably, we've decided that is it no longer wise to show photos of our grandchildren openly on the web. Family and close friends who want to see the latest just need to ask by email and we'll give other urls.

Matt rowed for Down’s Syndrome Oxford 2008
Redhill Street and district as it was
Mary'n'Col in Dubai ... and Oman
1960 Society 2005
Jamie at 30
Mary and Colin celebrated their ruby anniversary 2004
Matthew ran the London Marathon 2003
Rene's 80th birthday surprise 2002
Mary's 60th birthday bash 2002
London to Brighton bike ride 2002
The Lord Mayor's Show 2001
Matthew at 30
Col's 60th birthday bash 2001
Emily and Matt's wedding 2000
Donna and Jamie's wedding 2000
The South Midland Railway - the story starts here

Mary and Colin, with baby Matthew, moved into Quinque House in 1973. Since then, as far as we know, Mary and Colin have lived here longer than anyone in our families has ever lived anywhere and possibly longer than anyone else has lived in this house. Jamie was born a year later. It became the boys' only home until they left to seek their fortunes.

Col's dad, Ted Robinson did this drawing soon after we moved in.
Click the pic to see a larger version.

Why the workhouse? Because we live in what was formerly a village workhouse until about 1835. A brief history can be read in this PDF.
Poignantly, Colin's great great grandfather Robinson died in such a place.

For more information on workhouses generally, go to Peter Higginbotham's excellent site at www.workhouses.org.uk – note the extra 's'.

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Colin still dabbles as an artist photographer.
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